Democrat Party Principles as Stipulated in the party Guidelines on 6 April 1946

1 The Democrat Party will be politically transparent

2 The Democrat Party will be held accountable to the people

3 The Democrat Party will uphold the laws of the Kingdom and defend the spirit of the Constitution to enable future generations a proper guideline.

4 The Democrat Party will never support any form of dictatorship in any shape or form.

5 The Democrat Party believes the people have the right to freedom of speech and the rights to express their views.

6 The Democrat Party will fight for the welfare of the people and respect each citizens rights, while protecting the interests of the majority, and most importantly, acknowledging and understanding the rights of the minority.

7 The Democrat Party believes that in certain instances, it is essential for the government to have involvement in order to ensure stability.

8 The Democrat Party will defend and uphold the traditions and customs of the Kingdom.

9 The Democrat Party understands that in order to properly defend the Kingdom, there must be a unified front and cooperation from all levels of the country.

10 The Democrat party will sustain friendly ties with the international community.